On the occasion of Romania’s March for Life 2014 – “Adoption, the Noble Choice”, Studenţi pentru viaţă Association published a new issue of its “Pentru viaţă” magazine, which is freely distributed and is almost exclusively produced with contribution from the volunteers and all the persons interested in the fate of Romania’s children.

This year’s March for Life theme proposed by the organizers aims to bring solutions and initiate a public debate with real and auspicious results for the disadvantaged children and for the unborn children.

You can read in this issue testimonials from adopted children, you can find out more about legislation regulating adoption in the country and abroad. Then you can start a real change at home, with your family and friends, or even initiate official proceedings to improve adoption in Romania.

Let the children be adopted during their mother’s pregnancy! Mothers and children could thus avoid future incertitude and the feeling of concern instead of joy when a child is born into a disadvantaged family.

We encourage you to present on your websites and blogs any article from this spring’s magazine. You can find below the links to all its contents.

Pentru viaţă – Spring 2014

Contents Pentru viata – no. 2

1 Editorial

2 I’ve Become Pro-Life As Soon As I Gave Birth

3 Adoption During Pregnancy. The British and Australian Practice

4 The Pregnant Teenagers′ Problems

5 Begging for Love. An Adopted Child′s Recollections

6 Press Release: Romania′s March for Life – “Adoption, the Noble Choice”

7 The Girl from My Dream. How I Adopted Two Children

8 Let Me Tell You a Nice Story!

Cover 1

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Cover 2

Pregnancy Crisis Counseling Centers in Romania

Cover 3

Did You Know These Celebs Were Adopted?

Cover 4

Famous quotes about adoption