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Woman relieved to cancel abortion after pro-life counselor finds her a home

Betty (not her real name) refers to the moment she found out she was pregnant as “the worst.” She felt “hopeless and helpless” and completely alone. Without a home or a stable income, she felt her only choice was abortion, and made an appointment at a Marie Stopes abortion facility in the UK. Citește mai mult

I knew in my heart that she would be ok

„We were told the best thing for us and the baby was terminating. We were firmly decided on keeping our daughter no matter what.

A few months after delivering my first child we found out that I was expecting again.

Around 12 weeks my scan showed that the baby’s measurements were not normal. Minutes later we were taken into a small room and presented with our options. Not our options but theirs.

We were told there was a 75% chance she had Edwards syndrome and that the best thing for us and the baby would be terminating.

I knew in my heart that she would be ok.

I felt the world crashing down on me while the nurse spoke. My husband and I kept looking at each other and nodding.

We were firmly decided on keeping our daughter no matter what. The nurse was so persistent and emotionally pressured us but we did not budge.

We told her, „This is what God decided and we will cherish her.” We walked out knowing that we could not be 100% sure until an amniocentesis was done and that could only be done after the 5th month.

They told us that if the amniocentesis confirmed what they thought, termination by pills would be the best bet. They wanted me to take the life of my child in the very house that she was supposed to be welcomed into.

The amniocentesis results confirmed that our baby was 100% healthy. No matter what you’re going through. I want to encourage you to trust God first.

I am so thankful for my little girl Aizlynn.”

– Ferah

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Fetal development

Week 6-7 – brain waves become detectable

Though less than an inch long, the tiny embryo at the end of 6 weeks (8 weeks LMP) has a definite “baby” look, with a large head, eyes, legs, and arms with tiny hands and finger-buds. 

Although too little to be felt by mom yet, she’s already testing out her limbs, and reacts to touch. Brain waves are detectable at this stage, and finer shapes like the ears are already emerging.