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Couple adopts five siblings separated in foster care: ‘We are a family, finally’

A Texas family grew by five overnight, reuniting siblings previously separated in foster care. Citește mai mult

As at-home abortions rise, will women see the humanity of the babies they’ve killed?

A new study by Dr. Katherine A. Rafferty of Iowa State University and Tessa Longbons from the Charlotte Lozier Institute titled “#AbortionChangesYou: A Case Study to Understand the Communicative Tensions in Women’s Medication Abortion Narratives” was published in the journal Health Communications on June 1, 2020. With medication abortions on the rise, women are increasingly using RU-486 to abort at home, leading to more complications and an increase in emergency room visits. Citește mai mult

Fetal developmentPart 6

Week 8 – digestive system functional

At 8 weeks, the digestive system is functioning and the brain makes up almost half the embryo’s total weight. The face is developed enough now that the baby can squint and move her jaw, and hair has begun to grow.  

Between now and twelve weeks, the embryo will begin having regular bouts of activity and rest. Citește mai mult