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Editorial: Romania’s March for Life 2014 – “Adoption, The Noble Choice“

  by Alexandra Nadane I. What have we done in a year? In the first issue of our magazine, I wrote about the change brought in my life by a young woman who was going through a pregnancy crisis. I met her when I was 16. Her pro-life choice, the


I’ve Become Pro-Life As Soon As I Gave Birth

In some states, the adoption process can be started from pregnancy. This helps children avoid staying for years in foster care homes, which can psychologically harm them. It also helps mothers who cannot provide for their children avoid the enormous stress caused by uncertainty related to their child’s and their


Adoption During Pregnancy. The British and Australian Practice

Countries like Australia or the US have a so-called “open adoption” law, which allows starting the adoption process during pregnancy. It has proved an excellent solution for all parties involved. We present you some excerpts from the leaflet Considering adoption for your child, made by Western Australia’s Fostering and Adoption


Begging for Love. Recollections of an Adopted Child

  There’s no man who doesn’t hide in his heart an impressive collection of guilty deeds, pain, suffering, sadness, failure and frustration, hopelessness and disappointment. All of us have hidden them well. Fear, guilt, shame of our thoughts and deeds are buried deep inside the closet, where we are sure


The Girl from My Dream. How I Adopted Two Children

Somebody asked me to write a few words about adopting children, in order to encourage this immensely good deed. Why should I write about it? Because I did it. Twice, not just once! Why to adopt a child? To do a noble thing, to do good, out of mercy, out


Did You Know They Were Adopted?

For those who still believe an adopted child is bound to fail, here is a revealing list of first-rate personalities. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, never met his natural father, because he had been put up for adoption as soon as he was born, in 1955, when abortion was illegal