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Press release: Pro-life march 2018: “A Pro-life World” – Saturday, March 24 and Pro-life Month – March 1-31, 2018

  Hundreds of cities in Romania and the Republic of Moldova will host the 2018 Pro-life Month - “A Pro-life World” event during March 1-31, 2018, which will culminate with the 2018 Pro-life March - “A Pro-life World” on Saturday, March 24, 2018. The measure of a society’s responsibility and

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Interview With The Head of A Family With Dozens of Members: “It Costs Money To Have Children, But It’s More Important In The Long Run”

Liam Ó hAlmhainat and Alexandra Nadane, President of "Studenti pentru viaţă" pro-life student association, at the Parliament of Romania, in April 2014 We've met Liam Ó hAlmhainat a roundtable organized by the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies in Romania's Parliament. He is the subscription manager of a Catholic publication


I’ve Become Pro-Life As Soon As I Gave Birth

In some states, the adoption process can be started from pregnancy. This helps children avoid staying for years in foster care homes, which can psychologically harm them. It also helps mothers who cannot provide for their children avoid the enormous stress caused by uncertainty related to their child’s and their


The Girl from My Dream. How I Adopted Two Children

Somebody asked me to write a few words about adopting children, in order to encourage this immensely good deed. Why should I write about it? Because I did it. Twice, not just once! Why to adopt a child? To do a noble thing, to do good, out of mercy, out