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Press release: Pro-life march 2018: “A Pro-life World” – Saturday, March 24 and Pro-life Month – March 1-31, 2018


Hundreds of cities in Romania and the Republic of Moldova will host the 2018 Pro-life Month – “A Pro-life World” event during March 1-31, 2018, which will culminate with the 2018 Pro-life March – “A Pro-life World” on Saturday, March 24, 2018.

The measure of a society’s responsibility and growth is given by the extent to which the society protects the life of each and every one of its members.

Man’s right to life, freedom, and dignity does not start from, and is neither granted by, a specific financial, intellectual, health-related or age-related “baseline” – but springs from our mere humanity. And we are humans from the moment of our conception.

The Romania of today and tomorrow includes both its born and unborn children.

Every one of us, individually, and all of us, as a people desire freedom, dignity, and respect. Yet we cannot claim them if we do not acknowledge them first for the most vulnerable among us – the unborn children – or if we deny them for the women in pregnancy crisis.

It is only natural to wish that every child can be born and bring joy to those around them by their smile and the light in their eyes. And it is just as natural to support a woman who finds herself in a pregnancy crisis.

Actions that support life and its importance are a duty of honor for any society that wants to develop, further, and build upon what previous generations have passed down to it.

A pro-life world is a natural state of things.

This is why this year’s theme of the pro-life month, held between March 1 and 31, 2018, and the Pro-life March, which will take place on March 24, is “A Pro-life World”.

A Changing World

More and more people become pro-life. Embryological facts, common sense, the human person’s eternal value and dignity – which faith recognizes as being above anything else in this world – convince an increasing number of people.

The truths about the reality of human life inside the womb and the reality of pregnancy crises are gaining more and more visibility. A growing number of people – especially teenagers and young adults – come to know them and this changes their lives.

Every year, science provides new information about the wonder of life inside the womb. Until 2016, it was thought that the first heartbeats appear 21 days after conception. In 2016, Oxford University published a study which concluded that the heart becomes active 16 days after conception! (http://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2016-10-11-first-our-three-billion-heartbeats-sooner-we-thought)

Even politicians who were formerly in favor of abortion on request are now pro-life. A few decades ago, the current President of the United States was an abortion supporter. However, after having encountered a first-hand pregnancy crisis case and seen the child who was born, he understood that the wonderful child could not have been born if their mother had not chosen life. He thus became pro-life as a result of experience, and not by embracing an ideology.

Moreover, in the U.S. – where people are free to carry out research and science has never been turned into ideology, as it did under communism –, there are over 2800 help centers for women in pregnancy crises, providing free services. There, one’s love for one’s neighbor has risen far above the country’s 600 otherwise market-oriented clinics which perform (always paid) abortions on request.

These are examples that pertain to a pro-life world – a world that nurtures support, dignity, respect, and love translated into action.

Being pro-life is being pro-science, pro-woman, pro-child, and pro-support.

Let us Open Up our Hearts to Women in Pregnancy Crisis

Most often, hidden behind an abortion on request is a tragedy unknown to everyone else around.

If we want Romanians and Romania to have a future, we need to support women in pregnancy crisis. That way, these women will choose what is best for their children.

To give life and to support the life of your neighbor were long-established values in the history of Romanians. Only the communist ideology valued and demanded the killing of one’s fellowman, whenever the latter was seen as an obstacle in the way of happiness. Communism made abortion legal, and then restricted abortion on request, ignoring both mother and child, in both cases, since its only priority was ideology – namely, the need of labor. Therefore, what we plead for is not a ban on abortion, but knowing the reality and opening up our hearts.

Let us not be indifferent. Let us not pretend we know nothing about the turmoil that precedes abortion.

Pregnancy crisis is an extremely painful place to be – and when surrounded by ignorance and indifference, it is even harder to bear. One wonders where the responsibility of the child’s father is. Where is friend support? Where is family love, when a woman sees that “No one supports me, no one is near me, and no one offers me any other option besides abortion”?

Let us open up our hearts to these tiny beating hearts – the hearts of children who need love and care and who, as grown-ups, will in turn care for the ones who made it possible for them to come into this life.

To hold a child who may have ended up in a biological waste bin, to enjoy their smile and babbling, and think about the good they might do to the humanity when they grow up – these are the things that make us feel confident that this is the way of the future.

Let us love the mother and the child!

Join the Pro-life March and bear witness to the value and majesty of life! Come show your respect and cherishing towards the women who fight to protect their children’s life – and support them!


Alexandra Nadane

President, Studenți pentru viață [Students for Life] Association

March 1, 2018


We hereby repeat our last year’s call towards the society, to develop support tools for women in pregnancy crises, by:

  • providing indemnities to women after their 14th week of pregnancy, in order to help them cover the special needs coming up during pregnancy;
  • setting up help centers where women in pregnancy crisis can request free psychological counseling as well as help from social workers specialized in pregnancy crises;
  • creating a legal framework that allows pregnant women who consider themselves unable of child-rearing to put their children up for adoption right after birth – based on the system of adopting during pregnancy, practiced in the U.S., the UK, and Australia;
  • stepping up the value of the members of the society involved in adoptions, in order to do away with the mentalities that look down upon adopted children, adoptive parents, and in particular, upon mothers or parents who put their children up for adoption when they consider that they cannot take proper care of them;
  • making it legally possible for miscarrying mothers to inter their children, on request – as well as get a proper religious service during the interment, as it is done in the case of non-christened children who died shortly after being born.


This Pro-life March is at its 8th national edition.

Abroad, the Pro-life March was held for the first time in Washington, D.C., on January 22, 1974.

In Romania, it was first organized in Timișoara, in 2008.

The evolution of the number of Pro-life March organizing cities in recent years:

2013 – 23 cities in Romania;

2014 – 40 cities in Romania;

2015 – 79 cities (77 in Romania and 2 in the Republic of Moldova);

2016 – 130 cities (110 in Romania and 20 in the Republic of Moldova);

2017 – 287 (138 in Romania and 149 cities and towns in the Republic of Moldova).

The Pro-life March is non-confessional and non-political.

Its local organizers are independent of one another.

In Bucharest, the 2018 “A Pro-life World” march is organized by the Studenți pentru viață Association and will take place on Saturday, March 24.

The participants will gather at Unirii Park, at 11:00 a.m. The march will start off at 12:00 noon, and will go from Unirii Park to Tineretului Park.

The march will be followed by a live concert, titled “Live for Life” (Tineretului Park, Șincai Entrance, 01:00 p.m.), given by Aurelian Temișan and Feedback Band, and presented by Ioana Picoș.


Interview With The Head of A Family With Dozens of Members: “It Costs Money To Have Children, But It’s More Important In The Long Run”

interviu-liam-IMG_5174 Liam Ó hAlmhainat and Alexandra Nadane, President of “Studenti pentru viaţă” pro-life student association, at the Parliament of Romania, in April 2014

We’ve met Liam Ó hAlmhainat a roundtable organized by the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies in Romania’s Parliament. He is the subscription manager of a Catholic publication and this April he traveled to Bucharest for the international conference Human Trafficking: A Threat to Family Values. He was here to show support for family values and encourage Romanians to become more pro-active as a civil society protecting the natural family. The Irish are very religious and that brings them closer to Romanians. But, unlike us, maybe, they seem to have a more solid pro-life culture.After we chatted with Liam about his family during the coffee break, we realized we also have a lot to learn from the Irish in terms of adoption culture. How many children do you have? I have 10 children – nine living. How many are adopted? Only the second one was adopted, when the second boy was 3 years old. My wife was concerned. We did not want just a boy. We wanted a bit of a family. In fact, it was very strange. I suggested adoption, but she was not persuaded until she found she could love a rabbit we had. Then she said: “I could love an adopted child. In fact, this might even be better!” Women are often afraid they couldn’t love a child they did not nurture… Exactly! It’s still kind of a problem. My wife now has a lot of children. And she is the real expert in adoption. Nevertheless, she still thinks I have a better relationship than her with our adopted daughter. I used to say I was the same way as St Joseph, because in a way, he was the adoptive father of Jesus. But we talked to the child from the beginning about being adopted. Her older brother was a boy, the younger was a boy and the next was yet again a boy. So, when my wife was pregnant with the fifth child and was asked whether it was a boy or a girl, she said: “A boy, of course! Girls are adopted!”. That was the essence of it, you know?

interviu-liam-1-copii Liam’s nine children

How many grandchildren do you have? 17, including two adopted. Was it your adoptive daughter who adopted? It was in fact. Medically, it seems there is no reason why she can’t have children, but I think maybe psychologically she is not successful in having children. So eight or nine years into her marriage she adopted. And she is now in the process of adopting the second one. The child is already selected. How is the process of adoption in Ireland? She is in Spain and the adoption process there is different from ours in Ireland. In Ireland, as far as I know, there are adoption societies which help those who want to find children to adopt. Nowadays quite a lot of the adoption are of Russian, Vietnamese, foreign children. You said you have someone from India in your family. Who is it? In my family, the Spanish one has adopted the Indian. I am myself the God-father of an Indian child who converted to Catholicism. It is a natural child of an Indian Catholic father from Dehli. The father also supports a child from an orphanage in India. We have quite a lot of friends who have adopted children. Being of the age that I am, at the time we adopted there were plenty of Irish children available for adoption. At that stage, our friends of our vintage have adopted Irish children. It’s the next generation who are adopting foreign nationals. There was a phase when quite a few Romanians were there. Our neighbors down the street have adopted Peruvians from Peru. It‘s a long way to adopt. And they adopted two totally different children, one after the other.

So there is an adoption culture in Ireland? There is. There’s a culture that you need children. Even my wife’s sister, who had no children for nine years and then she adopted. A year later, she had a natural child.

Ireland is more conservative than the rest of Europe, it’s a lot about the natural family, isn’t it? I wouldn’t say “conservative”. I’d say more towards traditional families. I wouldn’t call it “conservative”, though. But yes, Ireland is the country with the highest birth rate in Europe, nearly twice as much as the one in Romania.

We have quite a dramatic situation here with the birth rate and family values. Do you have a message for Romanians? It’s very difficult for me to think about it. In fact, in a way, Ireland is drifting towards the same situation. People should be encouraged to get married earlier, to trust in God and not look at economic well-being. It does cost money to have children, but it’s more important in the long run.


I’ve Become Pro-Life As Soon As I Gave Birth


In some states, the adoption process can be started from pregnancy. This helps children avoid staying for years in foster care homes, which can psychologically harm them. It also helps mothers who cannot provide for their children avoid the enormous stress caused by uncertainty related to their child’s and their own future. The American and Australian practice have shown the efficiency of this approach, which could greatly benefit Romanian children.

I am pro-life, but I used to be pro-choice. I once believed that if you did not want to take care of a baby, you didn’t have to.

I thought it was fine to “erase” your mistake and not have to worry about it.

It’s called being pro-choice: the woman’s choice to give life or not.

I could not have been more wrong. I am a living testimony of being pro-life. I went through the life-changing experience of putting my daughter up for adoption.

You see, I found out I was already two months pregnant on April 7, 2012. I had no emotions when I saw that plus sign on the pregnancy test. There was neither shock nor shame. I was just another seventeen-year-old pregnant girl. My boyfriend Michael and I researched all the possibilities there were to try to figure out what we should do.

Yes, we thought of aborting our child, but there was a feeling in my heart I can’t describe that made me say “no” to abortion. I knew I would not have been able to go through with it. I was the one who got pregnant. I was the one who made the mistake, not my child. I had to take responsibility for my actions, and aborting my little miracle was not taking responsibility; it was getting rid of “it”, taking the easy way out.

Michael and I went to Newlife, which is an agency that offers open adoption between birth and adoptive parents. We met a very caring social worker named Caitlyn, who helped Michael and I decide if we were going to keep our child or put her up for adoption. She had us write down the pros and cons of both parenting and adopting.

We realized that we were not ready to parent and we didn’t have the finances or the time. We were not going to be able to give our daughter the life she deserved, which is why we made the choice to put her up for adoption.

I wanted a family who biologically could not bear children of their own because I wanted to share that special bond with them of having their first child also be our first child.

For nine months I could have changed my mind and decided to be her parent, but I didn’t. We chose the family a mere few days after they sent in their home study. It was fate that my daughter was placed in the arms of such a loving family.

The adoptive family felt so blessed to have been picked by us. I could see the longing in their eyes to be able to hold a child of their own. They had waited three years to be able to finally have a young one on their own and I knew they were the ones I wanted to raise my baby.

Giving birth to my daughter and feeling her warmth against my chest and her breath on my skin brought tears to my eyes. I could not believe I even thought of abortion. I am so honored to have been able to give a family such an amazing gift.

Doing adoption made me realize that babies change a life for the better. Yes, you are judged, some might not support you, and it is the hardest thing you might ever do – but the feeling of giving someone something they cannot have on their own is priceless. I cannot express how much good it does in your life. Your outlook on life changes totally.

It was after I put my child up for adoption that I became pro-life. It is simply not fair to take a baby’s life when you have the opportunity to give your baby to a family who is desperately looking to love a child of their own.

I knew I made the right decision when I got to witness the adoptive mom as she laid her eyes on her daughter for the very first time. She cried tears of love and bliss: it profoundly touched me. The mom gave me a necklace of our baby’s birthstone so I will forever have a daily reminder of her. Our daughter also has my birthstone so she will always know who I am and have that bond with me.

I became pro-life immediately after giving birth to my little miracle. Ava Elizabeth was born at 5:39 am, on November 29, 2012, to the loving arms of Kyle and Marie. I believe unborn children should have the opportunity to live and experience life. I am a living testimony, and I am proud to share my story.

de Brittany Rotz

Read the whole story on stiripentruviata.ro

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The Girl from My Dream. How I Adopted Two Children


Somebody asked me to write a few words about adopting children, in order to encourage this immensely good deed. Why should I write about it? Because I did it. Twice, not just once! Why to adopt a child? To do a noble thing, to do good, out of mercy, out of civic responsibility?… No! For love! Only for love!

Who doesn’t love children, who is not able to give love, who cannot sacrifice himself for others, who cannot forget about oneself should not adopt a child! Bu whoever knows he can do all that should go to a big foster care center and God will guide his steps to the child destined to fill his life. It’s not you who chose the child, it’s the child who choses you!

And, from the very first moment, as soon as you’ve taken the child into your arms, you will know this child will be your reason to live. It’s hard to explain what you feel at that moment! I’ve been twice through this, but it’s so deep that words are powerless.

Our first child was a new-born little girl. Two weeks before, God had showed me a sign that she would enter my life. I dreamt of her! I dreamt I was at the maternity, I had an easy delivery and I was standing between two lady-doctors with a beautiful little girl in my arms. I woke up laughing and told my husband what I had dreamt.

Then, in two weeks’ time, they called me to the city maternity, where six babies had been abandoned by their mothers after birth. Five boys and a girl! And, in three days’ time, that beautiful girl was in our home: a birthday present for me, a name-day gift, a gift for our wedding anniversary. Whoever doesn’t believe in destiny should start believing right now!

For 21 years now, this miracle is our life, our destiny and reason to live! She’s beautiful, smart, gifted, because her steps were accompanied by our immense love, our immense care, by our permanent presence and support. And each moment she gave us in our life is a treasure!

Two years after our first adoption, visiting a children’s home on Christmas, with gifts and sweets, God guided my eyes towards a four-year old little boy. When the little girl next to him asked me for more cake, he gave her his plate.

This changed his destiny. And ours. He also entered our life and never left. He’s our boy forever. God made smooth our path to adopt them and God has always helped us to be their parents!

We were lucky. Our life was fulfilled through our children’s presence. Nothing is harder in life than being a parent! There’s so much fear, so much concern, so many obstacles. But it’s wonderful. There are also so many satisfactions, so much accomplishment and so much love! It’s a pity to go through life and don’t experience that…

And there are so many children for whom life hasn’t been a winning ticket and who can barely wait to fulfil somebody’s life! And so many people who have love to give but they are afraid or don’t know the way to the open arms of children waiting to be held and snuggled!

If you have your mind, your heart, your soul full of love to be given to a child, let yourselves guided by God do that! Adopting a child does not only mean changing an unhappy destiny, it also means fulfilling one’s life. God helped us. Your life on Earth is just as meaningful. Taking this step is really worth it. And nobody’s children deserve such a chance!


by Ioana Vladimir, Bucharest

(The name was changed to protect identity)

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Marșul pentru viață 2019

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