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Mom Beats COVID, Has C-Section, Gives Birth to Triplets

The story of one amazing Houston mom named Maggie has gone viral today after doctors at the Women’s Hospital of Texas revealed her amazing story on Facebook and Instagram. Maggie was 28 weeks pregnant a month ago when she arrived at the hospital at her admission time to monitor her babies that she was pregnant with. The mom, pregnant with triplets underwent a mandatory COVID-19 test before she could be admitted — which is currently standard policy at most hospitals across the country. She was surprised, then, to learn that she actually did have COVID-19. Citește mai mult

Doctors advised abortion, but Waverly’s parents chose life despite her ‘lethal’ diagnosis

Sixteen weeks and five days into their pregnancy with their second child, Jim and Emily Gray were at the maternal fetal medicine department for an anatomy ultrasound with high hopes. But that day, everything changed. That’s when they were told their daughter had a “lethal” health condition and doctors advised them to have an abortion. Citește mai mult