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Doctors wanted to abort her, but she just graduated at the top of her class

One New Jersey family is celebrating a milestone they were told would never happen: their daughter’s graduation from high school in the top five of her class. Patch reports that Sara Deuidicibus of Middletown, New Jersey, graduated fourth in her class with a GPA of 3.97 from Middletown High School North. But if her parents had taken the advice of medical professionals, Sara’s life would have ended before she was born. Citește mai mult

Girl kills herself with help, encouragement from ‘assisted suicide’ website

On May 22, 2019, Jackie Bieber found her daughter Shawn Shatto on her bedroom floor unresponsive and cold. She attempted CPR but in vain. 

Initially she did not realize that Shawn had died by a suicide. What she would soon learn was that her daughter, who had been dealing with depression and anxiety, was provided lethal directions and encouraged to die by suicide through an assisted suicide website. Citește mai mult

Fetal developmentPart 1

The very moment a male sperm cell penetrates a female egg cell, a new human life comes into being. This event, known as fertilization, forms a tiny, single-celled human distinct from his or her mother mother.

This little life is called a zygote, meaning “yoked or joined together.”1 It’s the living seed that will be a newborn baby in nine months’ time.   

The zygote’s DNA has its own set of chromosomes and genetic blueprint with data such as whether it’s a boy or a girl, which parent she’ll resemble more, and what color her eyes will be. The information in this one cell is so vast it would take 1.5 million pages to write out!2

The new life is also so small – less than 1/15th the size of a pinhead3 – it can barely be seen by the naked eye. But it packs a punch: it will grow to one billion cells with 4,000 distinct anatomic structures in only 8 weeks.4