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I used to work at Planned Parenthood. Here’s how I know it’s crumbling from the inside

If high leadership turnover is any indication of organizational weakness, then the Planned Parenthood Federation of American (PFFA) is the most unstable non-profit in the nation. After a long losing streak of top executives leaving and being fired, PFFA recently named its newest president and CEO – Alexis McGill Johnson. Citește mai mult

It was so worth the wait

„This moment right here – when all the labor pain stops the very second you come face to face with your precious baby.”
“It was so worth the wait.

The morning sickness
The miscarriage
The stretch marks
The weight gain
The sleepless nights
The endless bathroom trips
The fear and anxiety of the unknown
The unbearable labor pain.

It was SO worth it All!

So much love is wrapped up in that moment and it’s only the very beginning!

What an amazing gift God has given to us women to be able to grow a tiny human inside of us!

Yes, there is the pain and all the sacrifices, but all of those dim in comparison to the miracle of life we get to feel, and hear, and see even before they are born!

What a gift they truly are! They are SO WORTH IT!”


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Check out the new adorable Made for Life kid’s shirt created by Save the Storks!

All children are created with a purpose. Remind the children in your life that they are precious and were created uniquely ❤️ Citește mai mult

Fetal development – part 4

Week 4-5 – respiratory system develops

The new life is now called an embryo, and the work of growing all the systems needed for life in the world goes at a rapid pace. At this point, the embryo is still quite tiny, only about 1/4 inch long.

The respiratory system is next in line: two lung buds will emerge before the end of the fifth week after fertilization (7th week LMP).

A transparent sac called the amnion begins to envelop the embryo at about the same time. The amniotic fluid within will shield her from blows and infection, provide temperature control, and assist muscle and lung growth.

The liver now forms blood for the first time, and the pituitary gland emerges, which will secrete growth hormone. Meanwhile, the embryo’s skin is intact but only one cell thick, and transparent.