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Thanks to abortion pill reversal, Andrea’s son is ‘the only thing that matters’ in her life

At 21 years old and a junior in college, Andrea learned she was pregnant and made the immediate decision to have an abortion. Her relationship with her boyfriend was “rocky,” and in her mind, there was simply no other choice to make. But after taking the first dose of the two-drug chemical abortion pill regimen, she felt instant regret. Citește mai mult

Doctors said 3-year-old Karlie would die at birth, but her mom refused abortion

After being told that her preborn daughter had a rare brain condition called HoloprosencephalyGemma-Sarah McCusker refused abortion. Though doctors warned McCusker that her daughter had no chance of survival, McCusker refused to give up. When her daughter Karlie was born at 36 weeks, part of her brain was protruding through a hole in her skull.

The doctors predicted that Karlie only had minutes to live, but in defiance of their grim predictions, Karlie pulled through and she is now three years old.

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Fetal development – Part 8

Week 11-14 – Baby begins thumb-sucking

The embryo’s anatomy is now becoming clearly male or female, though DNA had determined the gender from the get-go. His face is gaining a more definite form, and taste buds have emerged.

At 14 weeks, the baby’s facial muscles are developed enough for him to use. Thumb-sucking may also begin around this time.

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