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Boyfriend ‘squeamish’ about dating an abortionist but doesn’t say why

A recent question in Slate’s “Dear Prudence” advice column brings to light the disconnect between being politically “pro-choice” and the brutal reality of abortion. The person seeking advice says his girlfriend is a fourth-year medical student training to be an abortionist. The writer says, “Theoretically, I’m all for this,” explaining that he is politically in support of elective abortion. Yet he personally finds his girlfriend’s chosen career path emotionally taxing and does not specify why it bothers him. Citește mai mult

AWESOME: Gucci’s first model with Down syndrome goes viral

A British teenager with Down syndrome has made history by starring in a Gucci Beauty campaign, which was featured in Italian Vogue. Eighteen-year-old Ellie Goldstein from Essex is the first model with Down syndrome to pose for Gucci, and she has quickly gone viral on social media for this huge accomplishment. Citește mai mult

How two researchers from opposite sides of the abortion debate teamed up to study fetal pain

Many abortion activists have claimed that preborn children don’t feel pain at all, while others in the medical community have argued that the threshold for fetal pain is no earlier than 24 weeks. But earlier this year, a groundbreaking study questioned the current consensus on fetal pain. Two researchers teamed up for the study, which argued that preborn children are actually capable of experiencing pain as early as 12 weeks. What’s even more amazing is how the two researchers — who disagree about abortion — came together for the study. Citește mai mult