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Life is full of surprises…

She refused abortion for her son with Down syndrome, but her doctor tried to schedule one anyway

Five months pregnant with her first baby, Desiree Rossette was heading out the door to a wedding when she happened to notice she had a message on the answering machine. The message was from the hospital, and it would change her life, though she didn’t think much of it at the time. The test results the doctor wanted to discuss would lead him to call for an abortion against her wishes. Rossette’s blood test had come back revealing that her baby had a one in 30 chance of having Down syndrome. Citește mai mult

Undercover investigation shows UK abortionists sending pills via mail without basic screenings

An undercover investigation has shown U.K. abortionists sending out abortion pills via mail without completing basic checks about the people ordering them.

An investigation by Christian Concern has exposed that U.K. abortion providers sent pills to every member of a volunteer “mystery client” group who all provided false details when ordering the deadly pills over the phone. Citește mai mult