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The promotion of do-it-yourself abortions proves abortion isn’t ‘health care’

Health care is meant to save and preserve life. Abortion—the act of intentionally killing a living human being in the womb—goes directly against this, and therefore, is not health care. Since abortion’s legalization, the public has been led to believe that abortion is just another health care decision. They have been repeatedly told that abortion should be kept “safe” by ensuring that the decision is between a “woman and her doctor” and takes place in reputable facilities. Until, that is, more recent years in which the abortion industry has moved toward promoting do-it-yourself (DIY) at-home abortions with as little oversight of patients as possible. Citește mai mult

German state government wants to force doctors to commit abortions

The government of the German state of Baden-Württemberg is contemplating forcing doctors to commit abortions, given the alleged lack of abortionists within the state. One of the potential measures involves making new hires at government-funded institutions “dependent on the willingness of doctors to perform abortions.” Citește mai mult

No matter how difficult things are, we can find a way #StorkStories

„My family and I nervously walked up to the Stork bus with hands full of groceries and our 2 year old toddler. We had just gotten to the town the night before and had no where to stay. We were hoping to get a better start in a new community and leave behind a life of problems. I had been feeling pretty crummy and suspected I could be pregnant.

The nurse onboard gave me a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I was pregnant. I was immediately terrified. My husband touched my arm and told me he was here for me. I told him I didn’t know how we could manage another child considering our circumstances, but he told me everything would be okay.

My ultrasound showed a beautiful growing baby in my womb. As we watched the screen, I felt my bond with my baby and my husband too. I could tell he was all about this and glad to have another. Watching him, I started to believe we could do it. No matter how difficult things are, we could find a way. Even though there’s lots of challenges, we thanked the Stork bus for the help. They gave us resources and support and we left feeling like everything would work out just fine.” #StorkStories Citește mărturia și aici.