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InfoStud pro-viață – 13 iulie

Easton’s parents refused to abort him after mom’s water broke at 19 weeks… and look at him now After her water broke at 19 weeks in February 2019, Tatyana Ramjohn and her husband Timothy Ramjohn were advised by doctors to abort their baby boy, Easton. But the couple, who had

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InfoStud pro-viață – 12 iulie

Doctors wanted to abort her, but she just graduated at the top of her class One New Jersey family is celebrating a milestone they were told would never happen: their daughter’s graduation from high school in the top five of her class. Patch reports that Sara Deuidicibus of Middletown, New Jersey, graduated

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InfoStud pro-viață – 11 iulie

Mom Beats COVID, Has C-Section, Gives Birth to Triplets The story of one amazing Houston mom named Maggie has gone viral today after doctors at the Women’s Hospital of Texas revealed her amazing story on Facebook and Instagram. Maggie was 28 weeks pregnant a month ago when she arrived at the hospital

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InfoStud pro-viață – 10 iulie

His extra chromosome changed me for the better 'Your baby has Down syndrome'⁠⁠I’ll never forget those words...The way my OB said it so fast and casual as I was driving alone in my car.⁠⁠It hit me like a ton of bricks and knocked the wind and dreams I had for

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InfoStud pro-viață – 9 iulie

The promotion of do-it-yourself abortions proves abortion isn’t ‘health care’ Health care is meant to save and preserve life. Abortion—the act of intentionally killing a living human being in the womb—goes directly against this, and therefore, is not health care. Since abortion’s legalization, the public has been led to believe

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InfoStud pro-viață – 7 iulie

Life is full of surprises... https://www.instagram.com/p/CBmUOwVAtPi/?utm_source=ig_embed She refused abortion for her son with Down syndrome, but her doctor tried to schedule one anyway Five months pregnant with her first baby, Desiree Rossette was heading out the door to a wedding when she happened to notice she had a message on

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InfoStud pro-viață – 6 iulie

AMAZING: 11-year-old chose life after rape, and now her son is a WWE superstar Wrestling fans are undoubtedly familiar with Titus O’Neil. The former football player and WWE superstar has been a fixture on the wrestling circuit for 10 years, and has won several championships. Less familiar for many, though,

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InfoStud pro-viață – 5 iulie

Boyfriend ‘squeamish’ about dating an abortionist but doesn’t say why A recent question in Slate’s “Dear Prudence” advice column brings to light the disconnect between being politically “pro-choice” and the brutal reality of abortion. The person seeking advice says his girlfriend is a fourth-year medical student training to be an abortionist. The writer

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InfoStud pro-viață – 4 iulie

‘They’re my heroes’: Twin brothers born at 24 weeks are now thriving toddlers Charlie and Harvey Baker were born at just 24 weeks in May 2017 weighing just over one pound each. The twins were a miracle, not just for surviving such an early birth, but because they also had

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InfoStud pro-viață – 3 iulie

“My husband said that I had to have an abortion. I just obeyed” Tatiana Anchundia shares how Post-Abortion Syndrome affected the relationship with her children, in the #Breakingthesilence campaign of Christian pro-life organisation, Aesvida. Citeste mai mult 10 THINGS WE LEARNED ABOUT PLANNED PARENTHOOD The USA`s number one abortion provider,