Somebody asked me to write a few words about adopting children, in order to encourage this immensely good deed. Why should I write about it? Because I did it. Twice, not just once! Why to adopt a child? To do a noble thing, to do good, out of mercy, out of civic responsibility?… No! For love! Only for love!

Who doesn’t love children, who is not able to give love, who cannot sacrifice himself for others, who cannot forget about oneself should not adopt a child! Bu whoever knows he can do all that should go to a big foster care center and God will guide his steps to the child destined to fill his life. It’s not you who chose the child, it’s the child who choses you!

And, from the very first moment, as soon as you’ve taken the child into your arms, you will know this child will be your reason to live. It’s hard to explain what you feel at that moment! I’ve been twice through this, but it’s so deep that words are powerless.

Our first child was a new-born little girl. Two weeks before, God had showed me a sign that she would enter my life. I dreamt of her! I dreamt I was at the maternity, I had an easy delivery and I was standing between two lady-doctors with a beautiful little girl in my arms. I woke up laughing and told my husband what I had dreamt.

Then, in two weeks’ time, they called me to the city maternity, where six babies had been abandoned by their mothers after birth. Five boys and a girl! And, in three days’ time, that beautiful girl was in our home: a birthday present for me, a name-day gift, a gift for our wedding anniversary. Whoever doesn’t believe in destiny should start believing right now!

For 21 years now, this miracle is our life, our destiny and reason to live! She’s beautiful, smart, gifted, because her steps were accompanied by our immense love, our immense care, by our permanent presence and support. And each moment she gave us in our life is a treasure!

Two years after our first adoption, visiting a children’s home on Christmas, with gifts and sweets, God guided my eyes towards a four-year old little boy. When the little girl next to him asked me for more cake, he gave her his plate.

This changed his destiny. And ours. He also entered our life and never left. He’s our boy forever. God made smooth our path to adopt them and God has always helped us to be their parents!

We were lucky. Our life was fulfilled through our children’s presence. Nothing is harder in life than being a parent! There’s so much fear, so much concern, so many obstacles. But it’s wonderful. There are also so many satisfactions, so much accomplishment and so much love! It’s a pity to go through life and don’t experience that…

And there are so many children for whom life hasn’t been a winning ticket and who can barely wait to fulfil somebody’s life! And so many people who have love to give but they are afraid or don’t know the way to the open arms of children waiting to be held and snuggled!

If you have your mind, your heart, your soul full of love to be given to a child, let yourselves guided by God do that! Adopting a child does not only mean changing an unhappy destiny, it also means fulfilling one’s life. God helped us. Your life on Earth is just as meaningful. Taking this step is really worth it. And nobody’s children deserve such a chance!


by Ioana Vladimir, Bucharest

(The name was changed to protect identity)

Photo: Shutterstock