On Saturday, March 24, about 300 towns in Romania and the Republic of Moldova hosted the 2018 Pro-life March, whose theme this year was “A Pro-life World”.

In the face of the cold weather warnings, only three local organisers cancelled the March. As for the rest of the Romanians, their love for life conquered the cold and defeated the snow, as they marched together in about 300 towns in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, to support women in a pregnancy crisis.

Our mission does not end here. The Pro-life March has no ending. It goes on through our lives and our everyday activities, whenever we need to be near women in a pregnancy crisis – as their life is not always easy. There is a whole context of pressures and circumstances surrounding these women, who, although they enjoy giving life to a child, they have to face the fact that the news is not always received joyfully by their partners, families or anyone else around them – and they need our help.

A pro-life world is a world in which no pregnant woman is under pressure to have an abortion. It is a world where man assumes responsibility for being near the woman and continuing to love her and her child. It is a world where the family, who has stood by her and loved her unconditionally until now, will continue to love and support her and will never threaten that they will throw her out of the house. It is a world where the friends and everyone else around a woman in a pregnancy crisis stand by her and support her.

A lot of us nowadays Romanians on both sides of the Prut River are, in fact, survivors of an abortion. We were born because someone was there to stand by our mothers. During the Pro-life March in Bucharest, singer Aurelian Temișan publicly told us for the first time how he is alive because of a doctor’s advice, who told his mother (who wanted to abort him): “Have the child and you will thank me later!”. This is how Aurelian Temișan was born, in June 1972. And this is how many of us were born… How can you not be pro-life, when you realise that your own life once depended on that option?

A pro-life world is a world that enjoys every child’s smile and happiness. It is a world where people of different professional backgrounds and different skills put their talents at the service of life.

In a pro-life society, public personalities and prominent people change the world around by their involvement.

We invite all Romanians on both sides of the Prut River to support women who find themselves in a pregnancy crisis. In particular, we would like to see free counselling and actual support centres for women in a pregnancy crisis seeking help, being established in as many counties as possible in Romania. We want the society to acknowledge the special value of motherhood and show its support to all pregnant women by providing them with an indemnity after their 14th week of pregnancy, to help them through the special needs that appear during this time of their life.

Today, a Pro-life World took part in the Pro-life March. We will march on, for life’s sake!