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Press release: The March for Life 2017 in Romania: 110,000 de participants in 138 cities

PHOTO: A young volunteer carries a pro-life sign with a pregnant woman at the March for Life 2017 in Bucharest on March 25th, 2017. The drawing shows the woman saying “MY body, MY choice”, while her baby is drawn saying: “MY body, YOUR choice, Mommy”. On March 25th, 2017, 138 cities across Romania and 149 cities from the Republic of Moldova organized the March for Life 2017 – “Help the mother and child! They depend on you”.


Studentipentruviata.ro, March 27th, 2017 – On March 25th, 2017, 138 cities across Romania and 149 cities from the Republic of Moldova organized the March for Life 2017 – “Help the mother and child! They depend on you”.

The March for Life has been at its 7th national edition.

The number of participants from Romania was around 110,000. The cities with the biggest turnout have been Bacău (10,000 participants), Oradea (11,000 participants) and Bucharest (8,000 participants). The total number of participants in the Republic of Moldova is still being updated.

Compared to the 2016 edition, the number of organizing cities has risen by 26% (in 2016 in Romania were 110 organizing cities), while the number of participants has risen by almost 50% (in 2016 there were around 75,000 participants in total).

For the first time in the history of this movement, the March for Life 2017 in Bucharest was streamed live on Facebook by Prodocens Media and Trinitas TV.

The March for Life 2017 was the crowning piece in a series of pro-life events entitled the Pro-Life Month 2017. The theme “Help the mother and child! They depend on you” has provided the opportunity to debate the necessity, possibility and efficiency of supporting women in pregnancy crisis.

The most important solutions proposed, among other, in order to support women in pregnancy crisis are establishing counseling cabinets specialized in pregnancy crisis and granting a pregnancy allowance starting from the 14th week of pregnancy (which represents the legal limit for getting an abortion on demand in Romania).

In addition to more a consistent number of participants, this year’s event also sparked heated debate online. People shared on social media their life experiences involving pregnancy crises they overcame, traumas of abortions they regretted, the joy of childbirth, adoption as an alternative to abortion. All showed that, when help is provided, an unwanted pregnancy can lead to accomplished motherhood and a thriving life for the child.

The Pro-Life Month and the March for Life are apolitical and non-confessional, but they encourage participation of all religious denominations and political organizations. They do not demand a legal ban on abortion, and they do not support any form of violence against the woman. The pro-life activities they organize raise awareness on the reality of pregnancy crisis, educate about the scientific truth that life begins at conception and promote a supportive attitude towards women so that they can give birth to the life they are carrying in their wombs.

These events do not have a single organizer nation-wide, but rely instead on independent organizers who represent different local pro-life organizations and institutions. In some of the 138 cities, the march was held on the 24th or the 26th of March.

Many cults issued press releases in support of the March for Life or participated to it through their representatives: The Romanian Orthodox Church, The Catholic Church in Romania, The Romanian Church United with Rome (Greek-Catholic), The Baptist Christian Cult, The Christian Evangelical Church of Romania and the Pentecostal Christian Cult.

The Association “Studenţi pentru viaţă”

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Interactive map of organizing cities:

Bucharest March for Life 2017 highlights, including DRONE filming:

LIVE STREAMS from Bucharest:

PHOTO gallery:

ABOVE: The March for Life 2017 in Bucharest: 8,000 participants

ABOVE: The March for Life 2017 in Bacău: 10,000 participants

ABOVE: The March for Life 2017 in Oradea: 10,000 participants

ABOVE and BELOW: The March for Life 2017 in Iasi

Photo: Oana Nechifor

ABOVE: The March for Life in Sibiu: 1,000 participants

ABOVE and BELOW: The March for Life 2017 in Cluj-Napoca: 1,500 participants

ABOVE: “Women deserve more than abortion” and “March for Life Logo” signs

ABOVE: Rainbow signs with the writing: “We are the pro-life generation”

ABOVE: Sign “Pro-Life Pro-Woman Pro-Family” surrounded by “Pro-Life” temporary tatoos

ABOVE: “I AM LOVE” pro-life sign

ABOVE: The 700 participants to the March for Life 2017 in the north-eastern town of Vicov form the word “VIAŢĂ” (which means “LIFE” in Romanian)



Begging for Love. Recollections of an Adopted Child



There’s no man who doesn’t hide in his heart an impressive collection of guilty deeds, pain, suffering, sadness, failure and frustration, hopelessness and disappointment. All of us have hidden them well. Fear, guilt, shame of our thoughts and deeds are buried deep inside the closet, where we are sure not to see them anymore. Then life rushes on us and, without even realizing, we become grumpy and dissatisfied with our life, with the people around, with ourselves. You make one mistake after another until you wake up and you’re already old and alone. Isn’t it, my sweet mother?…

I was a chance child. I never knew my father. He doesn’t even know I exist. I’d like to meet him, maybe I have other brothers and sisters whose names I don’t know and can’t say in my prayers. I’m the fruit of love at first sight, of a fleeting affair, the fruit of sin.

I won’t ever understand why I was such a burden for my mother… For years I longed for her embrace. I don’t want to judge her. Maybe she had her reasons, more or less justified. May the Mother of God protect her and grant her wisdom and time for salvation. But her isolation and the fact that she still doesn’t accept me and my sister hurt me.

All her attempts to abort me were in vain. Neither bitter drinks, nor beatings could chase me away from the warm shelter of her belly. I was stubborn enough to survive, to be born, to be a fighter.

Two weeks together with me were too much for her. She left me – a bundle of diapers – in the street. Sweet dear Mother Ana, bent by time and adversities, raised me, cared for me, put an “angel in my soul” and taught me to take the first steps and utter my first words. A stranger and yet a MOTHER whose embrace I’ll never forget!

After I turned three, foster homes, with good or bad, gave me home, food, education – and also jungle-like shivers, pain, fears crowded in my childish soul. And unnatural hell of loneliness.

We were making up prayers in dark dormitories and the Mother of God caressed us in our dreams, soothed our physical and soul pain, wiped away our gushing tears that erupted in the middle of the night. Imagine a home where at night dozens of children are weeping! For years I was haunted by the sobs rising from the souls deserted by their parents.

In school they pointed fingers on us (they called us “the foster kids“), we were offended, derided, humiliated, torn apart by sharp words. We were outcasts… In our prayers we only asked for parents, not for toys. We begged for a smile. We were begging for love!

I was nine when I first learned how to smile. It was on the Feast of the Resurrection that. I met my future parents. George and Maria were simple people, modest, maybe even a bit severe, but this was good for me. They knew how to plant in me righteousness, humanity, responsibility, faith in God and especially love.

Adoption was made a few months later with the acceptance of my natural mother. I was hurt by the ease with which she gave me away as if I were an old dress, but I’ll never forget the joy and happiness my new parents were showing.

I give thanks to good God for everything He gave me, for the second chance of adoption, for my three mothers (the one who gave me life and the two who raised me), for a wonderful father. I lovingly carry his memory in my soul, now that he has moved to the Lord after a soul-saving fight with unforgiving cancer. I am closely surrounded by hundreds of children at school, where I teach. God found me worthy of giving birth to four wonderful children – three boys and a girl – and of a loving husband. The joy of motherhood, the accomplishment of having a family cannot be compared with anything. I live modestly, but I feel so much richer next to them!…




by A.S.P., Bistriţa-Năsăud

Photo: Courtesy of the author


Marșul pentru viață 2019

Descarcă de mai jos foto profil/cover FB și pancarte Marșul pentru Viață:




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