Foto: Cătălin Apostol

It is a great pleasure to see you coming here in such a large number, because what is here is called Joy. The joy of celebrating life!

I wondered why was I invited to speak in front of you. And I thought that, in fact, I only have the practical skill to tell you that anything is possible. Anything is possible. The moment you make God’s will, all the others are added. It’s not that hard to raise a child. It’s not that hard!

I think that all of you, if you have an open heart, realize that a future mother, a mother, has the light of grace around her. It’s an aperture of grace that surrounds her. I want to tell you that for me, this grace continues to feel when my children hug me.

It’s been 21 years since I had an accident and I’m in this situation. I have decided that what defines me as a human being is the woman’s ability to give birth, maternity. And my children were assumed from the very first moment. And they are now at the March for Life in Câmpina, where they went with their colleagues and their friends. In the last years, they kept participating. And what motivated me and not to be with them was to be able to say that, if we’re talking about 23 million abortions, and if we think we’re crying the children that leave this country and never come back, and at the same time, we do not let those who want to be born here, we should find a solution to hinder this circle.

Thank you for being all here!